Formula One racing’s greatest title showdowns

We are going to present some of the most memorable showdowns of Formula one:

  1. Iimage052taly 1950: Drivers: The champion Farina Nino, Luigi Fayola and Juan Manuel. This championship had an amazing ending he whole racing was the struggle between the three of them, with a lot of up and downs and at the end Farina was the lucky one and was the first champion of this sport ever. It was an amazing experience and very exciting one.
  2. USA in 1959 when Brabham won at a push: Here the tree main guys were Brabham, Jack, Moss Striling and Brooks Tony. Once again, the same as in the nine years in arrow before this, three drivers got to this final round. The race and the title go to Brabham, but before winning there was a big moment of drama. Either way Brabham made his way to become the first of Australian drivers to stand on the throne.
  3. Mexico in 1964: The three guys were Hohn Surtees, Hill graham and Jim Clark. Clark had more victories than the rivals but in order to get the title he needed to be the best. The other too had troubles during the race, but managed to get back in the game. Hill collided with Bandini on 31 laps which ended all of his hopes. Clark kept on leading , but seven lap before the end Clarks car started to leak(oil), and one before the end he finished his race and Surtees made his way to the throne. He was the only one who managed to win both on four and two wheels.
  4. Japan in 1976 with drivers James Hunt who won the title, and Lauda, Niki. It was somehow known that this was going to be one of the craziest and most turbulent seasons ever. Niki from Ferrari was amazing in the first six races, and he wanted a title badly. But he had a heavy crash and ended up fighting to stay alive. But then, he made an almost unbelievable recovery, he showed up in the finals only a month later. In the final race, Hunt led the entire time, but then a late puncture happened and he was dropped out, which opened a way for Lauda. But at the end James had one more point than Lauda and was the absolute winner.
  5. Portugal in 1984. We again have Niki Lauda who won the championship this year and Alaion Prost. Lauda won with just a half point more than Prost who was in the team of McLaren. Prost won sixteen races, but Lauda was keeping up with it. They were very close with heir results the whole time of the championship, but Lauda wanted it so badly and at the end he was a winner.
  6. Australia 1994: The Champion: Michael Schumacher and Hill, Damon. This was one of the most infamous finals of this sport. Schumacher had slid off the road and thumped the wall driving his Benetton while Hill was trying to close but Schumacher ‘’attacked’’ and shopped Hill. He was immediately out of the race, but since his mate from Britain wasn’t able to continue he ceded the title. This was really a season full of tragedy and a lot of fuss was made after these finals.

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