Versatile Monaco Grand Prix Packages to Experience the City like Royalty

Monaco Grand Prix Packages

If you have something in your diary for Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th May 2018, it is time to reorganize your plans. Why so? Well, the Monaco Grand Prix 2018 will be going down and whether you are a racing buff or not, there is always something for everyone during this race. For a start, this is regarded the most prestigious car race together with the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Indianapolis 500.

The narrow winding streets of Monte Carlo don’t allow for much overtaking and in fact, only the best drivers in F1 history have managed to hold off the field and win here. So important is this track that drivers can go to any extent to guarantee a win here. In 2006 for instance, Michael Schumacher ruined the qualifying lap for his closest challenger in the title race.

From Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Manuel Fangio, Niki Lauda, Hamilton to Sebastian Vettel, only the best drivers win here. One reason that makes Monaco such a great attraction is the fact that it comes with a rich heritage dating back to 1929. But there’s more, the glamor and glitz that accompany this race make it one of the most popular sporting events in the world.

From movie stars, political leaders to global music stars, F1 fans have a chance to mingle with royalty and still get a chance to catch the thrilling action on the track. If you have been planning to attend an F1 race in future, you can now take advantage of Monaco Grand Prix packages to feel the pulse of this luxurious race during the event.

What Monaco Grand Prix Packages Offer

Nothing beats attending a Grand Prix event and getting royal treatment while at it. Why keep worrying about logistics when you can get it all in one package? This is the beauty of Monaco Grand Prix packages. To appreciate why you need to examine available packages early enough, consider the following benefits:

1.     Incredible viewing options: How would you like to watch qualifying on Saturday from a seat overlooking the hairpin? Maybe you would be more comfortable watching the race action on Sunday from the Fairmont VIP Suite overlooking hairpin? Whatever your preference, you have an amazing array of views to choose from. These views are so breathtaking that you will always find yourself coming back for more action.

2.     Exquisite hospitality: Is it possible to get full race viewing champagne hospitality in Monaco? It might sound farfetched, but you will be surprised by the high-quality services these special offers come with. You can enjoy fully catered race viewing with fine wines, beer, champagne, buffet lunch and so much more. If you have always wanted to pamper yourself while on holiday, it is time to check one of the amazing Monaco Grand Prix packages.

3.     Yacht race viewing: One of the most conspicuous things you see on visiting Monaco is the array of beautiful yachts. They are so resplendent and seem to invite you everywhere you look. Well, you can now enjoy a Monaco yacht view at the best prices through special offers. Nothing can beat the experience of seeing Hamilton zoom by as you savor the soft breeze. The experience is so fantastic that it borders on the ethereal. The yacht decks are spacious and you have a hostess at your service.

4.     Drinks with F1 Legends: This is an event in its 5th year and is now a highlight of the Monaco GP. You get to mingle with F1 drivers, both past, and present. F1 greats such as David Coulthard, Mark Webber, Allan McNish, Adrian Newey, Martin Brundle and Paul di Resta have graced the party and you can bet this will be an unforgettable experience.

5.     Amber Lounge: This is a must-attend party during any F1 event, but for Monaco, getting in can be tricky due to the number of people interested. How about making things easier for yourself by getting this as part of your Monaco Grand Prix Packages? You can now get a table or door pass to ensure you have fun at these legendary parties.

6.     Accommodation: When planning your visit to Monaco, make sure you consider your accommodation options early enough. Of course, you can make this easier using a Monaco Grand Prix package. There are classy and luxurious hotel rooms in Nice and Monaco to choose from including sea view rooms, garden view, and track view among others.

With the best Monaco Grand Prix Packages, you will also enjoy circuit transfers, best dining options, cocktail parties and so much more.


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5 Fascinating Facts about Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand PrixWhen it comes to Formula One racing, there is no denying that Monaco GP is where the thrill is found. If you have ever watched F1 on Monte Carlo streets then you agree that the prestigious GP is worth all the hype. Well, as you wait for race weekend from May 21st to 24th, why not learn some facts about this circuit?

1.       Monaco GP Circuit Details

The circuit is the shortest in F1 calendar at only 3.340 kilometers. This means drivers have to cover a staggering 78 laps and change gears 54 times. With 16 turns, including the slowest corner at Grand Hotel and the quickest in F1 calendar known as Kink in the tunnel, the circuit is challenging. Prost once remarked it felt like riding a bicycle inside a room.

It is also the most dangerous due to the tight corners and minimal overtaking chances. The circuit is not a ready track, but is created from Monte Carlo streets, which takes 6 weeks to set up and 3 weeks to remove.

2.       Lap Record

The track is fast, yes, but not many drivers have been able of replicate the success of Michael Schumacher who set a lap record of 1m 14.439s in 2004.

3.       Constructors Title

Great teams have raced on Monte Carlo streets, but McLaren still boasts most wins. With 15 wins on the circuit, it is obvious this is a title McLaren is going to hold for long. However, Ferrari, which has not experienced good tidings in Monaco, has most podium finishes with 48 in total.

4.       Most Driver’s Wins

Ayrton Senna won 6 times in Monaco between 1987 and 93, and were it not for his tragic death, it is obvious more wins would have come his way. Schumacher has five wins as does the iconic Mr. Monaco, as Graham Hill was christened. Other great winners here include Alain Prost, who lit up the track during his rivalry with Senna and won four times.

5.       Relationship Between Monaco GP and Championship Title

It might seem like coincidence, but the fact remains that most winners on Monte Carlo streets go on to become the championship winners. For instance Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Schumacher and Jenson Button all won on this track and went on to clinch the drivers’ championship titles. As they say, this is the ground where champions are born.

The toughness of the course makes Monaco Grand Prix a must-attend event. With 2015 expected to bring more rivalry between top drivers, you can bet it will be a thrilling race weekend.

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Formula One racing’s greatest title showdowns

We are going to present some of the most memorable showdowns of Formula one:

  1. Iimage052taly 1950: Drivers: The champion Farina Nino, Luigi Fayola and Juan Manuel. This championship had an amazing ending he whole racing was the struggle between the three of them, with a lot of up and downs and at the end Farina was the lucky one and was the first champion of this sport ever. It was an amazing experience and very exciting one.
  2. USA in 1959 when Brabham won at a push: Here the tree main guys were Brabham, Jack, Moss Striling and Brooks Tony. Once again, the same as in the nine years in arrow before this, three drivers got to this final round. The race and the title go to Brabham, but before winning there was a big moment of drama. Either way Brabham made his way to become the first of Australian drivers to stand on the throne.
  3. Mexico in 1964: The three guys were Hohn Surtees, Hill graham and Jim Clark. Clark had more victories than the rivals but in order to get the title he needed to be the best. The other too had troubles during the race, but managed to get back in the game. Hill collided with Bandini on 31 laps which ended all of his hopes. Clark kept on leading , but seven lap before the end Clarks car started to leak(oil), and one before the end he finished his race and Surtees made his way to the throne. He was the only one who managed to win both on four and two wheels.
  4. Japan in 1976 with drivers James Hunt who won the title, and Lauda, Niki. It was somehow known that this was going to be one of the craziest and most turbulent seasons ever. Niki from Ferrari was amazing in the first six races, and he wanted a title badly. But he had a heavy crash and ended up fighting to stay alive. But then, he made an almost unbelievable recovery, he showed up in the finals only a month later. In the final race, Hunt led the entire time, but then a late puncture happened and he was dropped out, which opened a way for Lauda. But at the end James had one more point than Lauda and was the absolute winner.
  5. Portugal in 1984. We again have Niki Lauda who won the championship this year and Alaion Prost. Lauda won with just a half point more than Prost who was in the team of McLaren. Prost won sixteen races, but Lauda was keeping up with it. They were very close with heir results the whole time of the championship, but Lauda wanted it so badly and at the end he was a winner.
  6. Australia 1994: The Champion: Michael Schumacher and Hill, Damon. This was one of the most infamous finals of this sport. Schumacher had slid off the road and thumped the wall driving his Benetton while Hill was trying to close but Schumacher ‘’attacked’’ and shopped Hill. He was immediately out of the race, but since his mate from Britain wasn’t able to continue he ceded the title. This was really a season full of tragedy and a lot of fuss was made after these finals.

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